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水咲ローラ|天尔健The first to enter luoyang is king!"Then try again, at any cost! Shall I teach you how to do it?" Lyu3 bu4 turn head, cold voice way.Chapter 58 new weapons

To say that this is not engaged in the small officer, liu zhang side of the senior book, can directly express their views to liu zhang, but from beginning to end, liu zhang for zhang song's many Suggestions are ignored, virtual, this is the most let zhang song uncomfortable.It seems that with the beginning of the rift between zhang song and liu zhang, liu zhang seems to have no hope for the old family of insincere, since the day of a big quarrel with zhang song, liu zhang began to enforce the legal system in a strong degree, in order to ensure the implementation of the government order, liu zhang from the white water pass ling bao transferred back to chengdu, chengdu military horse.Gao shun is not easy now, cao cao is also in strong support, now see is cao cao himself can not bear to retreat first, or gao shunxian can not keep the breach of the city pass.水咲ローラ|On the day before liu bei's wedding, zhuge liang came to liu bei to discuss the details of entering shu.

水咲ローラ|"Pick up these shields for me! Xia houyuan took a look at the shield on the ground, the eye moves, the reason why gaishun dare to have no scruple to put the arrow, is because his soldiers have the shield shelter, the penetrating power of the bolt can not shoot through the shield.However, zhou yu was not in a hurry. At that time, the pattern of the conflict between the north and the south was basically clear. All he needed was an inducement."Zhong mou is afraid of me, and unlike bo fu, zhong mou's means are quite cruel and spicy, especially to his own people." Zhou yu sighed and said, "of course, I have been collecting firewood and mulberry for years. I made up my mind to take over jingxiang.

"You...... Cheat me!!!!!!!" Zhang song complexion one change, glower law is."The four sovereigns have formed an alliance secretly under the joint arrangement of cao cao and liu bei. Although there is no definite information, both liu bei and cao cao are actively consolidating their forces." "The nighthawk bowed."Lunch, Sir... "One girl said.水咲ローラ|




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