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绝杀小鬼子赵传奇|赛富通重庆"Husband ~" diao cicada for the first time with a complaining eyes stared at lv bu, just met the assassination, also ran out to eat, the nerve of the father and son is too rough."Shut up! Heard assassination, xh complexion dark, a few minutes, before the assassination, but covered under cao cao, JiZhou nature is no exception, and spent as jizhou top generals, xh, focus on care, three days have encountered seventeen assassination, kiss around who almost completely annihilated, let him have a pro who again, now hear take this is zhang liao, not great anger: "I the Lord have sent someone to assassinate lyu3 bu4 I don't know, but lu bu sent someone to kill innocent officials, before the account and how to calculate?""What are our war losses? Zhang liao looked a little ugly, although the battle won, but the other side launched the kind of strange chongcheng car or break through their defense, if not captured ye cheng, the consequences are unimaginable.

"Go!" < / p > < p > lanzhan will be angry jade pillow hit on the door, where there is the figure of lv bu, holding bright arms, after the determination of lv bu left, finally could not help crying.Xu chang, back to the wild goose pavilion, Chen qun some lost to leave, today is to want to redeem the girl for the nighthawl, although to his status status, the identity of the nightingale, let alone a wife, even if the concubine is also impossible, but at least, the better than the wandering dust?绝杀小鬼子赵传奇|Thunder car hit low, bow and arrow and no one else severe, even if these cao jun are experienced in hundreds of battles cao jun elite, light hit can not fight back, but also more fight more suffocated.

绝杀小鬼子赵传奇|"Well." Lv meng nodded his head and hesitated for a while. He looked at zhou yu and said, "commander, why don't we attack jiangling by bypassing jiangxia instead of jiangxia?"But anyway, zheng xuan's death brings unrest has some of the next day lyu3 bu4 accompanied the sable cicada with small lu zheng go shopping together, was found in the city there are many people hang the white silk, the news law yan also, institute of Confucianism, there are some turmoil, Confucian scholars have no mood to do learn, seems to be some flames, said zheng xuan dieth, Confucianism declined, proposed joint lyu3 bu4, please restore the status of the Confucian reverence."Rest assured, zhang lu and do not know the depth of our army, their crossbolt than our crossbolt far, difficult not to want to have been hit?" Pang tong proudly said.

"Get up, all of you." Lv bu looked at the monks and frowned, "what happened?""This...... "After a moment's hesitation, Chen qun shook his head and said," if miss yinger is sick, please come back later.This day and age, people's life rhythm naturally don't like the later compactness, the snow all over the sky, Xu Changcheng families back to the room, this day, Xu Changling side is also very at leisure, iwslt holding a bowl of tea, leisurely look at the snow outside, pondering over the noon go home, today seems to also won't have what thing, look down at ran to produce at zhong yao said: "brother yuan chang, after noon, you and me have a drink????????? How to belong to the wild goose pavilion"绝杀小鬼子赵传奇|




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