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刘在石背李正才|济南回收购物卡Just how long, no one knows."Then we …" Wei Yan stared at Pang Tong, puzzled, "why send troops?""General Li, the guanzhong lyu3 bu4 can indeed provide you with financial resources, but it took away the family's survival, no land, my family status how to maintain? My lord liu bei has promised, after entering shu, for everyone's original property, land, absolutely nothing." Ma sink a track.

Zhuge liang shook his head, pang tong between the lines of the strands of pride on paper, and if something really went wrong in chengdu, pang tong probably didn't have time to bullshit with himself here.After the qin dynasty, is jin, after all, lyu3 bu4 born bing, will jin as the national name, is also a rule in the moment of choice, but the king obviously can't be satisfied with."General, how to deal with these jingzhou army prisoners?" Left behind the city He Qi came to tracing the cause, asked.刘在石背李正才|By right, Xie Yun and Li Hun there should have done, but now, but did not hear any movement, although there is no news, but since the other party is prepared, I'm afraid Li Hun and Xie Yun now I'm afraid it is also bad luck, a group of people crowded together, with the remnants of dozens of family members came to Xie Yun responsible for the lot.

刘在石背李正才|Just a pity that thirty thousand soldiers, must break the song again as soon as possible, the thirty thousand soldiers rescued."Looks like three more defeats?" Ma sneer at a way.Chapter one hundred and first kill pretty general

"I see." Xie Yun twisted his head and looked out into the darkness. He hesitated and nodded. Just as he was getting ready to order soldiers, a confidant captain hurried up to him. "General," he said, "Wang Shuang came with his men!""Here!" The first time to see tracing the cause eyes reveal such a light, people heart a cold, hurriedly should be a sound, a team of cold and handsome archers in jingzhou captive vacant eyes, quickly surrounded the port, don't wait for jingzhou army to have any reaction, these jiangdong archers have begun to put arrows.刘在石背李正才|




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