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圣少女战队特别篇胖大夫一日变瘦汤..."Met on the road, wanted to take us, he had contact with the young lady, so conveniently brought him." Zhou cang took a look at wenpin but didn't pay much attention.Really have a lot of day, several challenges counterparts, fortunately, the west cool fighters are experienced battle, through this opportunity, quickly set up their own prestige, were the warriors in the zero, first, of course, there are several accepted the west is cool, pound had Israeli army under the rule of law, since made a promise, will also promote them up, not only have no effect on their own prestige, has won the first zero recognition, many status gradually stabilized.

"It is an important and joyful event." Chen gong bowed and said, "princess liu yunfeng has been married to his Lord for several months. Now yongliang is calm, and it is time for his Lord to marry the princess.""Text worry feel this son how?" Watching pang tong leave, Chen gong sat down again and smiled at li Confucian.Yang Ding kung fu is good, but it is just good, a title of generals in ancient times battalion of soldiers, every one on the army to when the hou, but these days, close to the lyu3 bu4 learned is the parent of converging attack, the practice is killing people, although only three people, but as long as cooperate proper, can break the ordinary a station troops, at the moment with Yang Ding on, followed by a knife a knife attacks, Yang Ding simply overwhelmed, in a short time is a Biao who riding a knife cut off the leg, followed by the another Biao who come forward to riding, the results of his life, the gates, also slowly open at this time.圣少女战队特别篇But these things, jia xu is arranged, is also in accordance with the rules of the han family to marry the princess, such as the million years of the princess's residence, according to the etiquette, in order to show the importance of the royal, lv bu must be three please, to please the princess.

圣少女战队特别篇But in this way, but not willing to lose to the men of lu lingqi sheep, the general house a group of maids gathered, all day drill, in order not to affect the diao chan rest, the training site will be placed in the area of quite large chang 'an order here, and then the government in a group of old men suffered."Face.""Stop the chase and round up the paratroopers!" Zhang liao immediately looked at han sui fled, did not immediately chase, but ordered to start to collect the troops, at the same time sent to burn when the camp to appease the burning when the crowd.

"What are you looking at, castellan?" < / p > < p > a general to see the castellan is looking at the map, not curious way."Lord, what now? Continue to kill?" < / p > < p > han DE licked some dry lips, touched a face do not know whether it is blood or rain liquid, looking at lu bu way.Chapter I the power of one party圣少女战队特别篇





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