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一贵的妄想日记云南白糖网"Take all the horses, follow the huns deserters, continue to kill!" Lyu3 bu4 picked up a leg of lamb stained with blood, took a bite and looked at Han De: "Tell the brothers, food, eat on horseback, we change horses not change people!"Chapter XXII Selected GeneralChapter 27 appease?

"Tyrannical." The sable cicada chastised scold, but the body is soft a few minutes."Remember, if there is an enemy to attack, just stick to the city, our troops are few, without me will make, never at will out of the city against. Zhang liao charged."Hand, what's our loss?" Not in a hurry, army slowly toward the tribe of ZuoXianWang, lyu3 bu4 sat on the red rabbit, affectionately touching the red rabbit's mane, twist a head to catch up with Han De.一贵的妄想日记"Master, a total of one hundred and twenty-eight people took part in the war, and finally survived, thirty-six." Will be on the stage, cioffi respectfully to lyu3 bu4 way.

一贵的妄想日记"The candidate general is dead." Qiang will have no grief on his face, after all, candidate for this kind of inaction, although there are his reasons, but in the qiang people who value bravery, is a cowardly performance, nature can't get the respect of qiang generals.Martial arts will know, pick bow and arrow, arrow cluster broken, an arrow into the "soldier" body, the "soldier" unexpectedly did not even have any reaction.

For liang xing this person, marotta don't know much, also don't know whether he will pursue, can only be prepared in advance, if the pursuit of nature can take the opportunity to reverse the defeat, and even can hijack camp again, even if not, their own also have no loss."Lyu3 bu4, west cool d here, can dare to fight with me!" Two army front, d jumping Yang gun, far away to lyu3 bu4, sound, with an unspeakable surge."It's none of my business!" Cao Peng suddenly looked back and lifted his sword in his hand. The cold blade almost touched Zhang Ji's nose, and his face smelled ferocious and ferocious. He said, "Zhang Derong, you listen to me. Even the ten Xinfeng counties are not as good as one of Mr. Yuan Chang's fingers!" If there is anything wrong with Mr. Yuan Chang, even if you put the lives of all the people in Hsinfeng County into it, you won't be able to make amends. "一贵的妄想日记




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