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qqmusicaddin姜老太鼻康膜"But cui zhouping and shi tao all speak of kong mingcai, far superior to them." Liu bei shook his head.Heart faint a sigh, bow body way: "be.""Do you know the man beside you?" Dharma is indifferent.

The main general of Montenegro army, just in so a period of time was killed by lu bu a clean, the rest of the people, staring at lu bu, although the siege is now, but that surging power and now with lu bu's mood overflows the killing machine diffuse to come, thousands of Montenegro army dare not a voice."Ding ~" two fast intersection, weapon collision, feng liMa tie smirk: "yuan shang under the general, only such ability?" Say that finish, take a gun a stab, stab feng li down, around yuan jun saw the main general died, immediately chaos, a swarm of the beginning of the flight, ma tie also don't chase, just sent someone to pick up the weapons heavy, back copycat."No!" Li white heard speech, at the moment a black, wow spit out a mouthful of blood, not only he died, once the property was confiscated, his family, how to make a living? Although not destroyed its full door, but li fu can foresee his family's tragic end.qqmusicaddinIs not seibel by coss, just plus above ground forces on the gap between the two sides natural advantages, let coss birth is in an impregnable position, unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 is both playing with cao cao spent in jizhou, cao cao has also spent gradually transferred to the stability of jizhou and the situation in qingzhou, hay gradually tight, tuen mun and j thirty thousand troops, people eat a horse all day chewing, and j is too far away from xuchang, the way of consumption is a huge spending.

qqmusicaddinDidn't know that was luck, lyu3 bu4 Yuan Jia two sons fight will start so fast, that he was ready to play a big fight, and even life cioffi transferring fifty thousand slave soldiers addition, today's dispense with a lot of trouble for him, but as applied to soldiers, the next biggest problem, I'm afraid, cao cao to cao cao's side a group of counselors with cao cao, make so much noise here, in the heart of cao cao, if indulge themselves by spent in jizhou, lyu3 bu4 would feel strange."Legalists, of course." Cao cao nodded."Miss xie trusts." "Ganning a fist, see xiangyang fu way:" please rest assured that the gentleman, although ganmou when the water thief, but did not lack of morality.

"Feng li, general under yuan shang's command, should be a pioneer, with about 3,000 men." "Said ma tien.The vast sea to touch the city, almost by the soldiers guarding the city as the enemy to shoot, the weather, even if liu weijun really touch over may not be able to find.qqmusicaddin




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