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克雷泽的传世宝箱淄博企业黄页Although Yang fu did not know liu bei three people, but behind the zhaoyun with lv lingqi can recognize, get zhaoyun warning, Yang fu smiled and looked at CAI MAO road: "the commander of this bad, if there is not a villain from the instigate, and how can there be this matter? What's more, although our Lord won xuzhou, he also saved the life of duke xuande from ji ling. How unjust is that?"They know what reading can bring us benefits, so they are the most eager to grasp the knowledge of the group, of course, any any meaning in this age and later generations, the majority of impoverished, more refers to the rich peasants, or some family money, don't have to worry about living, but not enough family giants on the threshold of family, poor Wen Fuwu after it is in the circulation of paper books, books is no longer just can have such expensive, depicting spread in the still is bamboo culture of the han period, the concept, in turn, to read."I'm afraid not." Yi ji shook his head with a bitter smile, not that no one could see clearly, but even if they did, they would not say that jingxiang family was loyal to themselves rather than liu biao, and the interests of the family will always be the first.Liu bei smiled a little, did not continue to discuss this topic in depth, but looked at the yi ji way: "but I do not know who lv bu sent for?"

A few times of confrontation, pound natural recognize yuan xi, see him at the moment, the heart is not surprised against joy, if you can cut yuan xi, it is easier to create chaos, the tiger roar, rushed to yuan xi, the mouth of the harsh shouted: "yuan xi children, die!Lv bu sniffed the words and looked at the sky. Then he looked to the left and said, "faith."Why is that?克雷泽的传世宝箱Xu chang, cao fu.

克雷泽的传世宝箱Wei yan looked at the military formation on the other side with a deadpan expression and sneered: "commander CAI MAO jingzhou, if you do not have this ability, what is the qualification to fight these days with our army? General gao shun has been with his Lord for many years. He has such a strong military front that even if his opponent has the superiority in troops, he is by no means an ordinary man. Can our god of war crossbow be prepared?""Lv bu!" Xu chu looked at the more xi tragic, bloodshot eyes, tiger roar toward lu bu rushed over."Well." Yuan shang looked at the direction of cao ying and nodded his head in silence. He suddenly asked, "due south, if cao cao and lu bu are defeated... "

People in the height of different, thinking about the problem Angle will not be the same, and liu bei in the deep heart, has a deep feeling of unwilling, he is not willing to host, now have the opportunity, naturally hope that he can be able to control the army in their own hands to increase their voice in jingxiang.Three short arrows under the lee of the dead trees around, with a sharp sound surprises at the same time into the propaganda of big JiShi, apparently ready, hear the sound to hide, unfortunately, the three short arrows from different directions, almost blocked off all his retreat, struggled to escape the two, the last one shot on his back, just into the meat less than half an inch, but the big JiShi complexion is a frozen, white one, fell, these short arrow hidden, and quenching with poison.克雷泽的传世宝箱




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