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量子通信概念股龙头洗目活眼素"I think this plan is feasible. As long as the Lord is willing to wait for ten years, the alliance of families can break through and establish new laws and order according to the Lord's plan." Dharma was putting down his book, his eyes shining.The counselor bowed and said: "I heard that jingzhou liu biao has sent troops to the tiger prison pass, cao ren guarded meng jin, once put liu biao horses from meng jin pass, straight to luoyang, luoyang is afraid of danger.Zhang he felt some bitter in the mouth, lyu3 bu4, cao cao, any one is not easy to generation, Yuan Jia momentum after the battle of guandu, has begun to decline, 勠 concentric force, all may not be able to survive, this watch, now almost to split, these people have actually, and he can see the crisis a Beowulf, he does not believe that these celebrities will look not to come out, but why nobody stopped?

Raise head, lv bu eye, the sky is not black one, but a few gas luck pester not clear, among them represent lv bu and cao cao's gas luck ferocious all show, and represent yuan shao, however in rapid drain.Xun you seemed to feel that the mood of the people was wrong, and hurriedly shifted the topic: "but I do not know, that from our rear to kill the cavalry is how to circle the rear of our army?"Marotta tiny one zheng, then suddenly, indeed, is just fell the yuan yuan tan, began to eager to cao cao suited, a relatively easy to attack yourself against yecheng, what do you think are a little petty, but also exposed the cao cao yuan is in the heart want to pit the idea of a, this kind of person, if cao cao died, the Allies still not really willing to come and help, marotta a face of admire at lyu3 bu4: "master foresight, Confucianism also."量子通信概念股龙头Lyu3 bu4 nodded, indeed, harmony and deep and remote cold also good say, vast and sparsely populated eyre, WeiKang, both these people enough governance, but spent if jizhou such states with large populations, governance is not easy, although spent has already sent to zhang jizhou, by WeiKang accept west cool secretariat, zhang both skill now also honed, force can play, but later? What's more, as the political center of lv bu, people of this level are also needed to make plans for themselves, but as Chen gong said, chang 'an academy, now do not have the conditions to cultivate such talents.

量子通信概念股龙头Outside ye ye, cao cao was standing on the watchtower watching lv bu leading the troops and horses to gradually leave the battle group. His brows could not help but pick up.A flurried soldier is pulled by gao LAN, see yuan shang army returns, decided to center heart god way: "high general, the thief army take advantage of the host army to go out, take advantage of the night sneak attack camp, ceng general in the disorderly army be thief will give cut off!"Zhaoyun looked at lu lingqi and gently shook his head: "although the duke of xuande is not as heroic as his father-in-law, he is also broad-minded. Would he make it difficult for his wife, a woman?"

But soon, when see in the county government drunk unconscious, ugly pang tong, a cool heart, this kind of people, really can justice for the people?Zhaoyun bow way: "father-in-law rest assured, cloud not ready to leave.""Honking! On the yuanmen gate, zhang liao watched the cavalry led by pound being oppressed step by step by the opponent without living space, his eyes slightly dull, waved his hand.量子通信概念股龙头




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