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我上漂亮陈太太|兰蔲清脂酵素Who's setting the fire! ?"The duty of the city guard is to guard chang 'an. You go on down and I'll take care of it." Chen gong frowned slightly and said darkly.

At the same time, under the same sky, thousands of miles away from the solitary city of Tibet is the accumulation of a depressive atmosphere.To come?There are also rumors that lu bu will marry CAI yan in the next year after marrying the princess.我上漂亮陈太太|"You're a treacherous boy!" Aguli smell speech eyes a bright, looking at kun mu praise.

我上漂亮陈太太|However, this idea is only a flash and the arrow was not fired back. At the moment when he decided to betray lv bu, he was doomed to never look back."Know is lv bu, you also dare to go out of the city dozen! ?" King tu looked at tanu strangely.

"If your men don't die, I'll kill them!" Lv lingqi turned his head and took a look at the hesitating Yin wei. "you have no way out. If you let these xianbei people leave alive, we can leave at leisure.Not only the cavalry, but also a large number of cavalry, is moving toward fast approaching, if only one or two still can understand, but a large number of cavalry come in, must be the city internal problems with the sentinels, giffin surface sink, that is like the hands of the flag with a pen, a howling arrow to break through the sky, on the streets of changan town, suddenly appeared numerous figures, rows of according to Ma Zhuang in the streets, and then quickly disappear, will all the streets near the tinker in silence."Let's go! Jia xu with han DE, with a thousand officers and soldiers towards the field."Young lady or go back with me, the Lord is worried about this matter." Zhou cang said with a bitter smile that he could not evaluate this kind of thing. Considering the achievements and what we have seen today, this female soldier is really strong enough to make most men blush.我上漂亮陈太太|




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